Rental Policy

Assumption of risk: Customers of A Crate to Celebrate and the customer’s party guests shall understand there are dangers, hazards, and risks in the use of the equipment, services, activities or products of A Crate to Celebrate. Risks may include but are not limited to slips, trips, collisions, falls, loss of footing or balance, equipment failure, malfunction, or misuse and other accidents or incidents. Injuries may include but are not limited to major or minor personal, physical, bodiy, emotional, mental, economic, property, or other types of injuries and damages. Customers of A Crate to Celebrate and their guests fully understand these risks and voluntarily and willingly assume the risk of injury.

Waiver of Liability: Defense and Indemnification. On behalf of all those using A Crate to Celebrate products, I hereby voluntarily and forever release and discharge a Crate to Celebrate from covenant and agree not to sue A Crate to Celebrate and waive any claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, debts, damages, losses, costs, fees, expenses or any other alleged liabilities or obligation of any kind or nature whether known of unknown. If I on my own behalf, or on behalf of another assert a negligence claim again A Create to Celebrate and/or breach my agreement not to sue A Crate to Celebrate, I will pay all reasonable fees including attorneys fees, costs and expenses incurred by A Crate to Celebrate or its insurers to defend the negligence claims and all other claims based on the same facts as the negligence claims. I also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold A Crate to Celebrate harmless to the fullest extent permitted by law from and against any claims asserted against A Crate to Celebrate by any other person arising out of, resulting from, or caused by the use of A Crate to Celebrate products by me, my children, or any guests. My agreement to defend A Crate to Celebrate means that I will pay all of A Crate to Celebrate’s fees and costs incurred to defend the claim from the date to claim is asserted. My agreement to indemnify and hold A Crate to Celebrate harmless means that I will pay any settlement, judgment, or other damages, fees, or costs of any type incured by A Cater to Celebrate to resolve the claim.

Return Policy

Crates should be ready for pick up at time agreed upon between the customer and A Crate to Celebrate. Should A Crate to Celebrate arrive at agreed upon time and items not be available at the time of pick up, customer will be assessed a $50 pick up rescheduling fee.

All items in the crates should be returned to the crates for pick up. If you can’t fit all items back into the crate, please do not force them. Leave those items outside of the crate and we will repack the crate once it’s picked up.

Please use the checklist to make sure all items in the crate are accounted for. Customer is responsible for ensuring all items are returned. Unused craft and activity items that are extras should be returned.

The following items do not need to be returned:

Items not returned to the crate for pick up will automatically be charged to the customer.

Breakage Policy

We get it, kids break things.

Please return all items back to the crate, even if they are damaged. We may be able to fix broken items. Write a note telling us about damaged items and put it on the top of the crate.

Over $20 worth of unfixable damages will automatically be charged to the customer.